The Curse of earlier guy and the little girl

This indicates as throughout the news recently: George Clooney has actually broken up with his girlfriend, Stacy Kiebler.

Everyone is stating it is the “older guy, more youthful lady” problem. Younger girl becomes tired of the older man and ends the partnership.


Have you got anything preferable to report when it comes to? It is the the majority of absurd thing I’ve ever heard.

Its George Clooney. He life his own life and tends to make his very own choices. He dates females of any age for some time immediately after which they break-up.

But everyone desires to twist and change the story into some thing it isn’t really.

Let us discuss the syndrome.

I get a lot of guys within 40s and 50s whom state they merely date feamales in their own 20s.

I have found that absolutely ridiculous. Truly, I would personallyn’t previously need date feamales in their 20s. It’s just too young for where i will be during my existence.

Yes, I find all of them fairly. They are great to examine. However the second they open their particular mouths, I am not curious. They truly are younger and at an alternate level within their life.


“maybe you have outdated more youthful ladies and

realized you weren’t for a passing fancy road?”

I would fairly associate with those who I have it on with – mentally, emotionally and physically.

The “older man, younger lady” problem is really pretty much older guys wanting to make a physical connection or connection they did not have if they had been younger.

As much as I’m worried, I would never ever like to relive my personal 20s. I try to let people in their particular 20s remain in their particular 20s, enjoy, celebration and now have a very good time.

Me? I’m not into it.

How would you guys experience earlier males and younger women? What kind of age groups are you prepared to big date? Exactly how youthful do you want to go? you think get older even matters?

And let’s be honest here: exactly how many of you have outdated younger women and noticed you had beenn’t for a passing fancy mental or mental course as them?

After a rather small amount of time, just how many people realized your whole union was predicated on intercourse? I would want to obtain the talk going along. Let us notice it!

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